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Physical Therapy Fundraiser - help a musician get playing again! (gofundme / paypal)

Hello, friends! If you’ve known me for longer than five minutes, you might’ve noticed I’m a musician (since I bugged my parents into a violin at the age of four, to be specific), really into music in general, and don’t want to do anything for the rest of my life other than music. If you’ve been in an ensemble with me in the past 7 years, though, you also might’ve noticed I can’t play without significant stiffness and pain. In February, I saw a rheumatologist to finally get this pain sorted so I could prepare to audition to transfer back to a four-year university to major in music. I was diagnosed with hypermobility, which causes painful hyperextension and subluxation of joints throughout my body including in my hands, and possible arthritis in my hands. Though imaging was inconclusive and I’m seeking a second opinion, I was told there was nothing that could be done about my hand pain, and that it might be best to forget about playing violin or any other instrument.

Of course, if you’ve known me for longer than five minutes, you also know I’m too stubborn to take quitting for an answer.

Thorough research into all my options made it clear the most hopeful and cost effective option would be to see a physical therapist with extensive experience treating musicians, including those with connective tissue disorders such as mine, and those with arthritis - and I’ve found one such PT in New York. This may seem a long way to go, but I’ve already wasted hundreds on PT in driving distance, all with an impersonal approach and less experience treating musicians, so it makes sense to go right to the best this time. It also might seem a long way to go when I’ll never exactly be conservatory level, but whether I recover enough to practice my way to playing professionally or if I never again play for a bigger audience than my pets, anything is better than what the pain is limiting me to now.

I’d love to raise these funds through careful budgeting, and was lucky enough to save just enough to afford airfare to my first appointment in May, but my insurance deductible on PT is almost $4k and so I’ve found it necessary to launch this gofundme to help. The fundraising goal is the cost of my initial PT appointment, plus a package of 5 more sessions at the maximum per appointment I was quoted, my airfare to return for those, and the most inexpensive accommodation I can find for both trips. All proceeds from this page will go towards this total.

Though moral support through all of this from friends and family has been amazing, this financial support would still be invaluable, and might mean the difference between having one appointment or having 10, or even between auditioning for transfer this year or putting off completing my education another year or more. Every little bit helps, whether it’s $5, $15, or more - thank you for reading, signal boosting, and donating!


First Photos from Jurassic World

(stars Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Ty Simpkins, Jake Johnson, Nick Robinson, Irrfan Khan, Vincent D’Onofrio, BD Wong, Omar Sy, Judy Greer, Katie McGrath and Lauren Lapkus)

shaking and crying oh my god I’m so excited this is finally happen

“I could have every single part of your body pressed against mine and I’d still say ‘pull me closer’.”

- Anonymous (via barecontact)

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Can we make a petition for Oded Fehr to be cast as Doctor Strange? Is it possible because it needs to be done.


give this to me now.

Josh and I have been saying this for months.

I accept this and wish for it to be so. It will probably be a pasty white dude tho.

In many ways it is like he was born to play this part. 

How did I never see that before? This must happen!

Oh, please, please,
please let me have Oded Fehr in a Marvel movie to admire. I would watch the hell out of that movie for no other reason, he was my first movie crush.

New Twitter Trend: #OdedFehrForStrange. Let’s make it happen.

Yes.  All the yes.  PLEASE.


things that would make avengers 2 better:

  • sam wilson
  • sam wilson
  • another sam wilson
  • literally every character is sam wilson
  • anthony mackie plays every single character
  • it is never discussed or explained
  • trillion dollar box office hit


The first time Steve and Sam shared a bed, there wasn’t any question about which side either would occupy

Steve: Guess I’ll be on your-

Sam: you say it, you sleep on the couch, so help me

thetourdefierce replied to your post: thetourdefierce replied to your post:…

he also looks soft. so that’s got to be a plus.

his beard is outrageously soft, I don’t even know how he manages it. 

I get the musicgeek newsletter and the guy in charge is named Derek and every time the newest email hits my inbox I think of a bearded Derek Hale in soft flannel shirts and six year old jeans sitting in his rolling chair at his desk, carefully curating each and every pairing of song and gif.